Friday, July 08, 2005

Things are Tasti in Murray Hill

A NY Observer article (with photos by Cady Susswein, photographer for both UChicago campus papers--how odd yet cool that she's now a photographer for the Observer) tells of how recent college grads from the suburbs have started moving in droves to Murray Hill, where they get together and consume such things as beer and Tasti-d-lite. From the article, it sounds like Murray Hill is basically NYC's version of Chicago's Lincoln Park--an upscale neighborhood only for the young and unmarried, geared towards the sort of people who couldn't imagine raising families in the city. Native NYers, along with all those who've moved here because they love the city, tend to be put off by these communities, and the Observer piece is hardly favorable. To me, Murray Hill sounds very much like the Greek scene at the University of Chicago--Murray Hill is un-New York, objectionable to diversity- and eccentricity-loving New Yorkers, yet by virtue of its existence, it actually adds to the diversity of the place, showing the militantly quirky that the bland are in fact people, too.

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