Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fashion, flipped, UPDATED

A picture of Gwyneth Paltrow in the August Vogue shows her wearing knee-length khaki shorts and--get this--the espadrilles, the very same ones as I just got on sale at Harry's Shoes on Broadway. Apparently that type of shorts, along with white linen, flowing, peasant-clothing are the latest look. No matter what I try to claim from time to time, I am no fashionista, but I somehow managed to find both of those looks in Chicago this spring. At the GAP on Michigan Avenue, hardly the cutting edge of obscure boutiques. I had assumed that both looks already were trendy, but that I'd somehow missed the trend, being in/at Chicago and all.

This doesn't make any sense; styles are supposed to originate with the Paltrows of the world, then appear in Vogue, and only then trickle down to college students in the Midwest. I understand that a picture of Gwyneth in the August Vogue was probably taken some time ago, but how long ago could it have been? Isn't Vogue still supposed to be ahead of the GAP? Vogue is of no use. This latest issue has an article about having your arms lifted. As in, a facelift, but for arms. As in, ugh. But if you want to look hot in the latest Old Navy tank, you've got to do what you've got to do.

And, unrelatedly:

These pants are everywhere. This has to stop.


This, too, must pass. The people I feel sorry for are the hipsters' boyfriends (yes, I am assuming women who suffer for fashion to be, by and large, heterosexual). They get home after a summer night of hitting all the latest semi-secret nightspots, she takes off her leather cowboy boots, which she's been wearing since noon, when the temperature was over 100 F, and... whew! Assuming (I'm feeling presumptuous at the moment) that hipsters live in small, possibly airless apartments (how else to afford living in hipster neighborhoods?), the odor must be unbearable. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for boots with skirts, even cowboy boots in particular, but on days below 70.


Anonymous said...

I know that it is out of your control, but we're still waiting for the removal of your "fur hat" picture. In light of the heat wave, Nick should spare a moment and help make your readers (and you) feel more seasonal and comfortable. -- JM

Anonymous said...

a couple comments. 1, about the cowboy boots, i felt that the times was incredibly behind on that trend. nyc hipsters, and to a lesser extent, hipsters across america, have been wearing cowboy boots since 2 falls ago. but yeah, it can get hot wearing cowboy boots and it is starting to look a little lame. i do, however, like the tight jeans tucked into cowboy boots with an oversized sweater as a fall look. 2, the photos in vogue were probably taken about 3 months ago, but the trend probably came from the spring/summer fashion shows, which would have been from feb-mar. the gap, because of their mass market capabilities, was probably able to reproduce these ideas quickly rather than coming up with these ideas on their own, whereas people like gwenyth went to the shows and found the look earlier on. it's all the trickle down effect.

seeing as how i work somewhat in the fashion industry, i'll let you know that the big looks for fall are mod and goth.

Anonymous said...

Also god and moth.

Anonymous said...

Gaucho pants! That's what they are! Long time no see!

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Capris' ugly cousin. Blech.