Sunday, July 10, 2005

Time for Aliyah?

One of the main things keeping me in NYC is the frappe at Yura. Not the main thing, but probably among my top 5 or 10 reasons. I broke my parents' blender last summer in an attempt to recreate the Yura frappe at home. The ice was too much for the blender. Israel, though, is now the place to go to get icy coffee drinks, the kind that can only be made with an industrial blender. I'm not a big fan of Starbucks's Frappuccinos, so it's entirely possible I wouldn't like the Israeli versions either, but the Haaretz article mentions the immense range of frappes available in what's apparently the land of coffee and syrup, so I'm sure I'd find a few to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Dear Phoebe,
the article is correct--Israel is the place for 'icy coffee drinks'. If you walk into a Jerusalem cafe and order an 'iced latte', what you get is in fact a sort of coffee milkshake. So if that is your taste, come on over! But be forewarned: Israelies seemed to also have developed a bizarre and intense attachment to Nescafe. There is no filtered coffee; there are espresso drinks or instant coffee. Ugh.

Hat said...

On a completely unrelated note: Phoebe, I answered your question.