Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dreyfuses live on

At dinner last night with some friends of my boyfriend's family, I was asked by the host what I'd studied in college. When I said that I'd written a B.A. paper on the Dreyfus Affair, she told me that it was a shame it wasn't a day earlier, because some descendents of Alfred Dreyfus live down the hall from her, but had just gone on vacation. She said when they'd moved in, she'd asked "on a lark" if they were related to the Dreyfus, and turns out they are. This is incredible. There are Dreyfuses living in NYC! Among people with far more boring European-Jewish family histories, people like, say, Maltzes. This is wild!

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Anonymous said...

Maltzes didn't do so well in the survival department, but were not, I guess, as famously victimized as Dreyfus. Does that make their history boring?