Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ma'am demystified

Google thinks I'm a woman (check!) over 65, and living in the Pacific Northwest, a place about which I've heard good things, but I've never even so much as been to an airport there. This is because (and this did not come as a surprise) two of my main uses for what the young people call the World Wide Web are looking up recipes and trying to find the location of coffee shops. Just yesterday, "lemon pound cake recipe," no-quotes. I also look up such things as where to get good, thick socks for taking a miniature poodle out for walks. (Wigwam - pricey but worth it.) It's possible that "28" is some age I imagine myself being, 70 the chronological truth.

Speaking of small-poodle ownership, how on earth had I not seen this before? As for poodles as a "gay" breed (as versus an old-lady breed) - the gist of Dan Savage's monologue, should you foolishly refuse to click on the link - I will say that ours has a distinct preference for cuddling up to men, and her day is made when the Princeton men's cross-country team runs by in a pack.

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