Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day assortment

-Seems about right. Perfect poodle-face.

-Did you see "Midnight in Paris," mostly fall for its charm, but feel like maybe something wasn't sitting right? See Richard Rushfeld on "the muse/harpy polarity."

-Yes. No.

-A very good reason to get a car already. (Flan!)

-Always with the kale.


Chris Petersen said...

I will admit that there was something pleasant about Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" and it was probably, aside from "Whatever Works", (which I liked but most others, critics and regular viewers alike, seemed to deplore) Allen's best in the last couple of decades. But still, as you said, there seemed to be something "off" about the film. I think it's because the movie has more optimism than what we have come to expect from a typical Woody Allen flick. And for my part I found this to be a bit jarring.

rshams said...

Liked "Midnight in Paris" more than Rushfield did, but yeah, the fiancee character was pretty unforgiveably one-dimensional.