Friday, February 24, 2012

Un-trendy Pendleton

Bisou's maniacal barking alerted me that my much-anticipated all-cotton jeans had arrived. Remarkably, they fit. A pair of jeans I ordered off the Internet. I should win some kind of award for having a realistic sense of my own dimensions, because I was going not only by the size, but also the shape. They are a tiny bit... how shall I put this... not a style I'd suggest for someone single and hitting the bars. Unless it were 1992. But they're utterly basic, not only non-stretch but non-streak. Something between a "mom" jean and a cowboy variety. What these want to be. Baggier around the knees than I'd imagined, because they really are straight-leg, not "straight-leg" as in leggings. (One final thought on "jeggings" before I retire the topic: I'm thinking yet another part of their appeal is that stretchy pants look awfully "skinny" prior to putting your legs into them.) I think this new pair looks good with a Breton-striped shirt, but then again I think those improve absolutely everything.

(On the off-chance that my husband is reading this, I swear I won't wear this get-up to the Midwinter Party, tempting as that is.)

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