Thursday, February 02, 2012

But who Irons his shirts?

Just as the daughters of famous people are invariably classified as "models," so it goes with the sons. A failure in the fight against nepotism is a victory in the battle to celebrate male beauty. Or something. Meet Jeremy Irons's son. Jeremy Irons he's not, although he'd probably have a broader appeal. Now we know what skin products he uses, and (could they have driven this point home any more thoroughly?) that he's straight. I can't decide if we should consider this sort of thing progress.


PG said...

"a London hotel in midtown."

I'm guessing that was supposed to be "THE London Hotel in midtown." Then again, the entire interview comes across as having been written by someone with sub-100 IQ. (Smite me, Charles Murray!)

Phoebe said...

Yeah, well. I only clicked on it because a) a young Jeremy Irons? except not so much, and b) it's unusual to see a man profiled in a "beauty" post. Of course, because we're not used to thinking of male beauty in terms of artifice, which skin creams this guy uses is less compelling than, politically, I might want it to be.