Friday, January 14, 2011

With my schnoz pressed against the window

Whoa. There's apparently "an annual conference for young, affluent Jews," later described as "a refuge of sorts for well-connected American Jews." So there are meetings!

I'd never heard of, let alone been invited to, Reboot. (I'm young, American, and Jewish. Wonder what's missing?) Which is a shame, really, because I'd love to "discuss [my] ethnic and religious identity, in between spa treatments." Now I just discuss Jewish identity in my dissertation and on this blog. No spa treatments, and I'm not entirely sure what spa treatments are (mud? steam? Dead Sea salts?), but I wouldn't be opposed. I'll have my nails done a sheer peach pink, some ombré tips for the ends of my hair, and we can debate whether the response to Arendt's take on assimilation has or has not overshot the mark.

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