Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There is, just around the corner from the dorm, some kind of prize-winning, delicious-looking butcher shop, into whose window I stared longingly for some time yesterday. Should I get a steak or lamb chops or something? Complicating factors include: I only have a small saucepan; I have no way of making this into a meal (although that, plus bread, salad, cheese...); and the hall-mates I eat with when not being a dissertation-hermit are all vegetarians, so this is not a very convivial thing to bring to dinner, nor would I ask any of them to borrow a pan. Is the answer just to buy a pan? To eat out once bread-and-pasta overload strikes, paying more but getting inspiration for what to serve with steak from a real Parisian chef, and maybe even getting some fries out of it?


CompassRose said...

Look up cooking en papillote; if you have access to an oven as well as a stove, you can create an entire meal, with meat and vegetables, and steam it in a parchment wrapping.

Phoebe said...

Good idea, but no oven here. (I've done something like that at home, with tin foil, and it does come out quite well!)

Sigivald said...

I'd buy a pan.

(And you can make it a meal easily enough by, say, sauteeing some vegetables before the steak, then using the steak drippings in the pan to make a pan sauce - "gravy", as one might call it.

Easy and delicious, requiring only some fat and flour.)