Monday, January 24, 2011

How I stopped worrying and accepted that I'm just here to write my dissertation

-After briefly considering looking chic in the dorm, so as to awe whichever French young men or women were coming out of the bathroom as I was entering, or vice versa, with my stylishness, I have reverted to Old Navy lounge pants and a baggy NYU tee shirt that's either mine or my boyfriend's, I'm not sure. ("Boyfriend apparel," not so much.) I'm this close to dressing like that outside the dorm as well.

-After convincing myself that I would eat the wide range of foods available in Frahnce and not just make pasta every night, I have come around to the hot-plate-over-an-open-dorm-garbage set-up and am having pasta (almost) every night.

-After getting all excited that one can buy excellent wine here for a few euros a bottle, I was so going to have a glass with dinner every night. (Frasier would approve!) The bottle I bought the second day I arrived is still mostly full, and I just keep reaching for the seltzer, some Ashkenazi atavism asserting itself, no doubt.

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Miss Self-Important said...

Cheer up--you're a French history scholar; you'll be back in France many times in your life, possibly even for the soldes, and you'll be employed then, so you'll have disposable moneyz to spend. Also, when you get invited to conferences and things, they'll pay for you to come, and you won't even need a visa (unless it's like a six-month conference or something truly awful sounding like that...).