Sunday, January 30, 2011

To each her own

Is it wrong that I see nothing wrong with a woman who has the money and wants a full replica of the "Sex and the City" movie shoe closet getting one? (Via.) What does it even mean or matter that "'It was a gift from her husband'" - they're a married couple, she also apparently earns a lot, and some home improvements benefit one spouse and not the other - it's not as though married men don't also spend on shrine-rooms for their massive flat-screen TVs. This husband, however, is opting for a "Mr. Big" closet. To each his own.

While obviously the angle is supposed to be, Lawng Island materialism gone outta control, the pernicious influence of SATC on the culture, this to me seems like more of an organization fantasy than a shoe one or even a SATC one. This woman isn't scampering around Manhattan in a row with three girlfriends, looking to swoop up random men. She's a neat freak in the suburbs who happens to own a lot of stuff: "'Sunglasses have their own drawers with specially sized compartments, and even the vanity was designed to accommodate specific hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons,'" the set decorator explains. It's not not prissy, princessy, whatever - there are no doubt closet designers with no "Carrie" connection - but it strikes me as more of a grown-up version of the girl with the well-arranged binder and nail polish collection than an example of lust for stuff. It is an organization fantasy, thus the need for a fantasy method of organization. Not a fantasy I share, but one that shouldn't be lumped in with the overall evilness of SATC's influence - I don't care either way regarding single 40-year-old women being promiscuous, but what gets to me is the insistence on stilettos, the assumption that women in NY wear such shoes, and the friggin' walking in a row on crowded sidewalks.

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Monster Girl said...

Amen. People can be ridiculous about the silliest of things. I wish I had something cleverer to comment but you just said it all!