Monday, January 17, 2011

Dorm life at 27

Impressions of the living situation thus far:


The girl who lived in the room before me left her decorations. And her food trash. And her makeup-remover pads. And another kind of pad.

There is no wireless.

There are communal - coed! - restrooms down the hall. I have yet to examine the shower situation.

Dishwasher? Ha! I'd adjust to the lack of luxury much more readily if not moving from a lower Manhattan recession-special condo rental. I've gone from too nice for the likes of a grad student to, well, an undergrad dorm. The room is possibly a step up from my previous NY apartment.

Dorm bed. But this is so obvious it hardly counts as a "con," right?

Exiting the building means being handed the same pro-Palestinian flyer I took the first time (research!) but would rather not have 100 copies of. Finally, the activist has come to recognize me, and knows I already have one.


In the center of Paris. Slightly more charming than Battery Park City.

No roommate.

The room has a sink. A big sink. If I were just a bit smaller, a bath.

So my computer's attached to a wire. There are worse things.

There is a kitchen down the hall. Not a very inviting one, and realistically I'll be eating bread and cheese in my room, but at least if I get carried away at a market, I could potentially make a 12-course meal.

It's temporary. There is more Battery Park City, then following Jo to his seemingly more glamorous postdoc housing, to look forward to.


Erika D. said...

Just getting clued in on your travels. A semester in Paris now? I have one word for you: "jalouse"!

Phoebe said...

You might think otherwise if you saw the showers. But the almond croissant I just ate (for lunch, but jetlag excuses all) makes up for it.