Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I wasn't kidding

It hit me only after tracking them down, deeming them comfortable ("orthopedic" even, allegedly), and exchanging hard-earned kesef for them that I'd been obsessed with silver clogs on and off for years, beginning with when Triple Happiness, a minimalist store on Atlantic Avenue, opened selling nothing but. I'd pass by and think, if only. Not that this excuses it in any way, as though dreaming of a pair of shoes for years implies wearing them for as long. But I am so excited. Thank you, Swedish shoemakers and apathetic-but-competent Upper West Side shoe-sellers!

In other fashion news-that-isn't, Kei and I clearly share one fashion-brain. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Kei, I hate to break it to you, but you either already own silver clogs or are about to want some.


kei said...

The silver ones are the best of all possible colors! Good albeit obvious choice for astrophysics fan!

I don't own silver clogs yet, but I have to say I've been going back and forth about clogs generally. Part of me wants to reject their revival, but part of me secretly wants to embrace them and explore various options. I think both parts of me are fueled by the fact that they're so popular now--so I want to reject them for that reason, but I'm buying into the hype, too, if that makes sense. I will continue to think about the clog debate, but this is making me lean towards yes! :D

Phoebe said...


If it helps (and by 'helps' I mean pushes you to join the clog bandwagon) things that are so-hot-right-now on fashion blogs isn't necessarily all over the place (yet?) in real life. Today was my first (full) day in the clogs, and I didn't notice anyone else wearing them, despite a lot of walking back and forth in the NYU area. Of course, it's 90 degrees here, so everyone's in flip-flops.

What I can't figure out is why the clog thing is now, and wasn't four years ago, when I remember admiring the first wave of them. Is Chanel really that powerful?