Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Excuse me, ma'am, are you going to the Nascar race?"

I'm in Arizona! See linked album for my attempt to see if Tempe is walkable. Verdict: yes and no. I take the fact that someone asked me the question that is this post's title to mean I stuck out less than I have on previous trips to non-NY America.

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Matt said...

I've spent only an afternoon in Tempe, and decided that it _could_ be walkable, once you got to it from the horribly spawled suburbs all around it, but certainly not in early August, which was when I was there, and when it was 110 degrees or so outside. (I'm not kidding, either. Even in the dry heat it was unbearable to be outside for more than a few minutes, which was why, I suppose, my wife and I were the only ones walking around outside. I suspect it's great this time of year, though.)

As for not sticking out, maybe they thought you were there visiting your grandmother or something. (Though I guess your grandmother is unlikely to be a Nascar fan.)