Sunday, April 04, 2010

Fulfilling gender stereotypes, one at a time UPDATED

-I totally want silver clogs! The problem: not so much the price, as that I can't tell a) if they're available, b) if they'd be even at all comfortable, or c) if there'd be a way to return them if not. These things are true not only of these silver clogs, but of all silver clogs on the internet. The clog craze (if not my personal obsession with shiny shoes) will pass before I track these down.

UPDATE: They exist, but questions remain: Are they worth a) a trip to 72nd Street, and b) $90?

-And this striped shirt that they clearly have in my size somewhere in the back, but will only unpack only when I've already lost interest.

-What I don't want: the new toy Apple's now selling. I don't have an iPhone, don't feel I'm missing anything, and definitely don't want to pay up for any object that sounds like it should be made by Always and sold at Duane Reade, especially when there are silver clogs out there somewhere with my name on them. If I were going to spend on technology of any kind, I'd get TV service, which I was seriously considering until the new library opened up in Battery Park City, offering a limitless-ish supply of junky television DVDs. (Never have you known shame until you sign up for a Manhattan library card with a particularly intellectual-seeming librarian, only to use it to borrow the complete Season One of "Two and a Half Men." It had been a long week.)


Jeff said...

don't want to pay up for any object that sounds like it should be made by Always and sold at Duane Reade

I knew someone, somewhere, sooner or later would make this joke - but you, Phoebe? At least you managed to add a New York spin to it.

PG said...

I got season 1 of True Blood from the NYPL, but having made the rounds of apparently every Sookie Stackhouse fan in the greater NY area, the DVDs were not in great condition -- I missed an entire scene in one of the early episodes because of scratches on the disc. In the vampire TV realm, I've decided to stick with Netflix, which has put all 7 seasons of Buffy on instant play so I don't have to spend my 1-disc-at-a-time on them. And unlike the NYPL, Netflix doesn't have late fees.

Phoebe said...


You've got to be kidding. I'm the millionth person to make that joke.


I've been going with a mix of Netflix and NYPL. If this branch weren't so close by, plus a good place to do work in, I wouldn't consider it, but so far, so good. And I've about run out of things I want to watch on Netflix instant.

PG said...

Do you keep up with the new stuff that goes on instant? There's a Twitter account that posts what's new (of course) and they add a bunch of movies and TV shows each month -- I have "Arrested Development" and "Firefly" (though "Firefly" is a re-watch) up next.

Phoebe said...


I haven't been, but may have to now! (Although I've already gone through all Arrested Development. Sniff.)