Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today in self-deprecation

After teaching the last class of the week, I was feeling a bit more wiped-out than usual, perhaps because of the two-week-long cold I'd taken with me to Montreal, or perhaps because I'm not 100% convinced I conveyed the difference between "que" and "qui" when used as relative pronouns. In any event, I hopped on the train to the only store where I ever shop, where this was nowhere to be found, nor this, but this did the trick - a better version of a dress I'd admired in a shop in Montreal, but that had cost about four times as much.

But it seemed that what I really needed was a snack, and after a bit of looking around SoHo, I ended up with a massive and massively messy chocolate chip cookie from here. It was only hours later, once I got home, that I realized just how much chocolate was all over my face. But as I was attempting to eat the cookie without crumbling any of it into the bag containing my new dress, I overheard a man ask the model whose hand he was holding as they walked down the street when her posters were going to go up.


Anonymous said...

Her Herzl posters.

Withywindle said...

Olive's has a very nice cowboy cookie.