Monday, March 01, 2010

Excuses for not going running: a complete list

1) I just ate.
2) I ate hours ago and am hungry again.
3) The weather.
4) For weather reasons, I'll need to dry my hair after, which takes forever.
5) Like 4, but for vanity reasons.
6) I have to be on campus at noon, which means there's not enough time before.
7) The water will be shut off in the building during key shower hours.
8) Running is so American, and I need to represent France for my students.
9) The (ach, lovely) route is too boring.
10) Varying the route means getting lost in unpleasant-slash-frightening dead-ends such as the non-exits of Riverside Park and of the Manhattan Bridge.
11) I have yet to be told by a doctor that I need to lose weight or work out beyond the walking-around-everywhere I do anyway, so what's the point?
12) We all die anyway; better it should not be while trying to exit the Manhattan Bridge pedestrian path.
13) Running requires such commitment - if I run six miles one day, then no miles for the next three weeks, what's the point?
14) Time spent running is time that could be spent on Productive Work.
15) Fine, 14 is also true of the blog, but with running, one must also include the hour of post-run, post-shower couch-collapse.
16) I already walked a lot today, isn't that enough?
17) No good podcasts.
18) My sneakers are all the way over there.
19) Pre-coffee, all endeavors are hopeless.
20) Post-coffee usually means post-food, which brings us back to...

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