Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If ... then... Part II

So I recently taught my students, and a class I subbed for, the "si..." construction with the futur simple, which is to say, "if... then..." And now, trying to revise a paper I've been working on for seriously most of my grad-school career, I am unable to think up sentences that don't begin with "If..." As in, "If the obscure guy my paper is about is so obscure that even I am starting to forget why he's So Important in the first place, then maybe more chocolate would help?"

I should mention, I suppose, that I'm sitting here writing about conversion from Judaism in 19th century France while eating (beyond delicious) Belgian Easter chocolates. (Not all of them, Jo, I promise.) Ideally, this is the very food that will make me understand the topic on a whole new level. Realistically, it will just make a dilemma like the one described by Miss Self-Important ever more pressing.

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