Monday, September 14, 2009

More complaints

-What exactly is going on with the 'newly renovated' Bobst bathrooms? Is there some reason for the flooding? Is the beginning of the year really the best time to shut down half the bathrooms? Hmm?

-Campus is semi-shut-down because, according to a police officer I asked, Obama is having lunch in a restaurant. Alrighty then. We all need to eat.

-After learning about the Obama-Thompson-Street conundrum, an older woman grabbed my arm and asked me, "Sweetie, do you go here?" Being accosted on the street is always unnerving, and if I had the advantage of relative youth, she had that of Julia Child-esque proportions. I suddenly regretted my backpack and otherwise undergraddish appearance - would she have stopped a me in a suit in this manner? Have all my attempts at being more chic this semester added up to looking more like a style-conscious freshman than is typically the case? But I said yes, because even an ancient fourth-year grad student 'goes to' a university, and because yes, I do know where one can buy NYU clothes if one so chooses, which seemed to be what this woman wanted to know.

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PG said...

It's the backpack that does it -- I always am assumed to be younger when I wear a backpack than if I use a messenger or laptop shoulder bag.

Also, this is the problem with having "the city as your campus": the entire zone bounded by 6th Ave, W Houston, Broadway and W 8th is "NYU."