Monday, September 28, 2009


I'd thought the worst time to catch a cold was right before taking a transatlantic flight. (See: mid-August.) But no, the worst time to catch a cold is when your apartment does not (yet?) have TV or Internet. This makes the much-needed distractions impossible, and doesn't make ordering in soup any easier, either. While I attempted to romanticize the situation, thinking of myself as a languid 19th-century malade, I was unable to convince myself that the situation was (oh, is) anything other than pathetic. Although I have made it to campus, where there not only is Internet, but are also instructions everywhere on how to cough:

What I'd like are instructions on how to teach a foreign language with a voice that kind of comes and goes, but that might be too department-specific.

That's it for whining for now. Back to usual programming sometime soon.


Harriet M. Welsch said...

The signs could be worse. My son's elementary school is covered with posters endorsing good hand-washing habits as exemplified by Harry Hand, who resembles a yellow, low-budget Hamburger Helper mascot. But it's the association with hairy palms that cracks me up every time I see one of the signs.

Petey said...

Off-topic, but I think some Polanski blogging would be on target for WWPD.

It doesn't exactly echo Dreyfus, but there are some rhymes.

Of course, if you don't have TV or the Internets, you'll have missed all the fuss...