Thursday, September 03, 2009

In which I buy Cascade before groceries

Got one! Well, am renting one, technically, as the apartment is a rental. After a three-week-long and overly complicated (for reasons only tangentially related to my fixation on a certain appliance) apartment search, I'm far too exhausted/preoccupied with more pressing matters such as upping the rate at which orals books get read to actually cook anything that would produce dirty dishes, let alone to figure out which box contains the dishes, but just knowing the appliance is there is enough.


Jeff said...

I continue not to see the fascination with a dishwasher. I have one and use it two, maybe three times a year.

What I wanted while living in Manhattan was an apartment where the bathroom door opened more than 45 degrees before hitting the toilet. Or a kitchen where you could open the oven door all the way without it hitting the opposite wall.

Phoebe said...

I'd imagine how much you care about having a dishwasher depends on how much you cook.

As for having space in Manhattan, my sense is you need to stay away from any area considered hip. This actually leaves a good number of centrally-located neighborhoods - UES, Murray Hill, Financial district, to name a few.

Matt said...

Apparently there is an effort under way to make the Financial District hip. Part of this is re-branding it the "Fin-D". I wish I were kidding.

Phoebe said...


For every neighborhood for which there is a broker, there's an inane abbreviation. (I'd heard 'FiDi', but same idea.) For there to be a movement to make a neighborhood hip, there needs to be some consensus among people who are not brokers in that area that there are: non-sports bars, coffee bars with staff that insults you, a density of non-suit-wearing rich white adults, things along these lines. The opposite of hip, remember, is square, so if you don't want the hipness surcharge, live amongst the squares.