Friday, September 18, 2009

Group running and regression

Ever since moving to lower Manhattan, I've had this idea that I should ask if I could perhaps rejoin the Stuyvesant girls' track team.

Let me explain.

My 'new' running path is the same one the team uses most of the time, or did when I was on it and there's no reason it would have changed. The path is right there, but I can't motivate myself to go more than once a week. The only time in my life when I ran regularly was when the strict-and-scary track captains made me do so. All that I would ask would be permission to follow their orders. I don't know how my pace would compare, and would at any rate have an iPod. I would not join the team for stretching in the school lobby, let alone compete at track meets. My participation would entirely consist of a 17-year-old senior yelling, 'run four miles, now! and do the same tomorrow!' and me obeying. Could they help an out-of-shape alum out?

Apparently running in a group has its advantages. But I don't especially want to run alongside anyone else, nor am I interested in improved 'performance', just frequency. I could, I suppose, just summon the memory of the captains from my own time, although I think honest-to-goodness yelling is in order.

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