Monday, September 14, 2009

Love fashion, Fashion Week not so much

My grievances against Fashion Week are as follows:

-The Models: They're normally everywhere, but now they pop up even more than usual, doing such things as daintily kicking aside one's shopping basket at Whole Foods when they want to get through the line you're on, because they obviously have to get somewhere and saying 'excuse me', even in Estonian, is not an option.

-The Shoes: If models do plenty to make the rest of us look bad (and no, it's not 'all airbrushing', as those fortunate enough not to live amongst these creatures can reassure themselves), the sudden presence en masse of women - not only models - in contraptions like these who can actually walk faster than us civilians do in flats is mighty dispiriting. Not as much so as a certain Belgian tennis player already, at 26 (yes, my age), having an adorable child and being once again the best in the world or whatever that win meant, but still.

-The Incompatibility of Fashion's Night Out with Graduate School: Apparently last Thursday night was all-around fabulosity in lower Manhattan. I now live in lower Manhattan, but all I saw of any of this was some inappropriate footwear on the subway near Prince Street. I was somewhat curious to see what all the fuss was about, even though I knew that if any of it required spending money, which presumably all of it did, I wouldn't partake, but there was no time, no time at all, in which to find out. Fashion should work around our schedules!

I think this about covers it.


PG said...

I thought Fashion's Night Out was more of a Midtown thing, for all the big department stores and flagship boutiques in that area. Certainly I saw an awful lot of carpets laid on sidewalks and "pop up" boutiques just between Lexington and 6th Ave. FYI, Fashion's Night Out is also incompatible with Working Life, or at least mine.

Phoebe said...

I think it's Midtown and Downtown, thus, geographically if not neighborhood-wise, lower Manhattan. Whatever it was was definitely going on in SoHo...