Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Water-gun control

One day during gym class, we all heard the uh, distinct voice of Principal Stanley Teitel explaining to us that if we played "Killer," a water gun fight that was a school tradition, we'd be in trouble. The sort of trouble, he made clear, that would prevent us from going to college. This was in light of Columbine--water guns one day would surely mean real guns the next. Now the U of C is having its own Affaire des Water Guns, because of the Virginia Tech shootings. In case the confusion between UChicago and Stuyvesant weren't great enough, there are the boys in the photo. One is wearing a shirt that says, "Eat. Sleep. Math." The other is, at the very least, openly socializing with someone whose shirt says, "Eat. Sleep. Math."

I can't help but wonder: You know how liberal democracies don't go to war with one another? Is it possible that geek schools do not have school shootings? Are we safest where everyone's a nerdy outcast?

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