Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More for the "Jewish babies" tag

The desperation level regarding Jewish babies has reached new heights. One of my fellow posters on Jewlicious has a story up about... two upper middle class Jews from the New York area who married each other!

It doesn't seem as if the poster on Jewlicious knows these people personally, they don't sound especially interesting or uninteresting, they didn't meet in an unusual way... but they are both Jews! And they are getting married! By not one but two rabbis! This alone is cause for delight, not to mention calls for the couple to begin makin' those babies. Not to mention a "certain[ty]" that the rest of us at Jewlicious "also wish the couple a long and happy life together, full of joy and children, prosperity, health (not in that order necessarily) and whatever else they’d like to have in their lives."

Speaking as someone who writes for Jewlicious, I have no feelings either way about these two people whom I don't know, and would prefer to leave the celebration to those directly involved, and to those who for some odd reason feel joy, not boredom, bitterness, or morbid fascination, when browsing the Times wedding pages. Out of fairness to the pair, however, I would suggest not wishing them "children" that for all we know they are doing their best not to have.

(There is a slight but unlikely chance that the post on Jewlicious was intended to be a sarcastic and vaguely anti-Semitic joke--sample of the story: Both Jordana and Justin’s daddies are attorneys - hers seems to be involved in real estate while his is a personal injury lawyer. They also share some other elements of their upbringing. For example, they met as teenagers when she was attending Point O’Pines all girl camp on Brant Lake in the Adirondacks and Justin was attending Brant Lake all boy sports camp on Brant Lake in the Adirondacks.--but I'm guessing not.)

In all seriousness, is it that noteworthy for an American Jew to get married, in a Jewish ceremony, to another Jew? I'd imagine not, but if so, is the best response to treat each such event as worthy of the entire Jewish population's excitement?

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I know I died a little inside.