Monday, January 29, 2007

Grad school update

On Saturday night I went out with the usual French Studies girls/ science guys crew, which would not be of much interest, except to those studying gender disparities in the academy, were it not for the following:

Fellow grad student Uri wants me to let WWPD readers know that, contrary to my concerns, Israel in fact has a better selection of French cheeses than does the United States, and that, moreover, Israeli cheese is just as good. I'm more convinced by the former argument, but there you have it.

Also at this party, I spoke at length (and in French!) with a girl who is a French Jew, about, well, French Jews. The educational aspects of being a grad student never end, even at a DJed party, even after I've had a whole cup of wine.

Moving onto Sunday night, an IFS trip to see "The L Word" at Cattyshack turned into Jo, Sarah and me going to watch the lesbian soap opera. I ran into a girl I've known since I was little, out with a bunch of fellow UChicago alums, as well as some fellow bloggers, confirming that I can't go anywhere in this city without running into people I know. Also confirmed, I remain of absolutely no interest to lesbians, although this time around, the presence of my boyfriend may have had an impact.

Moving onto right now, Clementine and I are going to learn all about World War I. It was pretty great, but I'm sure there was more to it...


Chris said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog these last couple weeks. I think I must have picked it up from Matt Y., but I'm not sure of that exactly. Well, just thought I would finally drop a note after reading so much.

PLN said...

Is The L Word still as godawful as it used to be? It actually had some (trashy) promise back in Season 1, but man, did that fade.