Friday, January 26, 2007

Le Reg me manque toujours!

While not as well-known as my activities in the field of Francophilic Zionism, I am involved with a movement so important that it has its own Facebook group: Keep UChicago Nerdy. For those similarly inclined, I point you to Rita's fabulous post on UChicago President (and Stuyvesant alum) Zimmer's attempt to make the U of C less, well, nerdy. This, from a Stuyvesantian? Surprising... but then again, not really. The one thing Stuyvesant is more than nerdy is rankings-conscious. And it's sort of fair--why not make our alums employable?--but it's also more than a bit lame. Every day I thank the tree spirit to which I pray that I chose Chicago over another, far frattier school which tends to hold a similar spot on the US News list. Chicago might get a few more apps if less nerdy, but it might lose the people who make it what it is.

Why this, why now? Something about the painfully cold weather and spending the day at the library, reading a bunch with breaks for WWPD, makes me nostalgic for the bleak yet productive days of college.

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