Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An ode to my new pants

On Birthright Israel, there isn't a lot of unstructured time. While this nearly led to me kicking the caffeine habit once and for all, it didn't leave many opportunities to buy, well, anything. I'd wanted to get a poster of Theodor Herzl, but there was time neither to visit the Herzl Museum nor to further investigate what the man in front of said museum told me, that they do not sell such posters. Alas! But we did have several of our meals in malls around the country. On one such occasion, the group's fellow NYUer Shira and I raced through a Tel Aviv shopping center in search of uniquely Israeli clothing, if not Lost Time.

At a very fabulous store called No Name, I purchased a sweater (mainly for sanitary reasons--the one I'd brought wasn't in such great shape after the flight plus several hikes), a really massive scarf, and... a pair of gigantic pants! They fit in the waist, then grow progressively larger until they reach a point of amazing enormousness! They are by no means flares or bell-bottoms, and are too flattering, if I do say so myself, to be raver or goth pants. They are, ahem, army green, and just plain awesome.

I picked the pants up from the tailor yesterday, and so my trip last night to the computer lab, to finish and print the Dreyfus paper, was the pants' debut. Fitting, given that, without the Affair, there might well never have been Israel, and thus no giant Israeli pants. Alfred, you did not suffer in vain! Also fitting (unlike, alas, my pants)-- I ran into Shira at the computer lab! While Jo (who deserves credit for alerting me to Shira's presence in the lab, as well as for being seen in public with me when I wear pants that are not so much in style in NYC these days) is surely impressed by my new, gigantic Israeli pants, Shira and I had been discussing them since before I'd even found them, so this was an exciting moment indeed.

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ck said...

you put up a pic of those enormous pants and i will, within a month, bring you a herzl poster. you never asked me about getting one - i know exactly where they are sold!