Monday, June 26, 2006

The youngest street gang in Brooklyn

My favorite part of Brooklyn is Cobble Hill-Carroll Gardens. It's all beautiful townhouses, Italian cheese and coffee stores, charming bookstores, and Brazilian boutiques. Well, one Brazilian boutique, but it made quite an impression. So it was a bit disturbing to see a group of maybe eight kids, all that age, give or take a couple years, smoking what one can only hope were cigarettes, but they hadn't quite figured out inhaling, being eight and all, so there was no tell-tale scent of any kind. They tried to break a window, shot menacing glances at passersby, but aside from that, seemed quite reasonable. I don't think their presence does much for area real estate. In other words, bonus points to anyone who helps young children in picturesque parts of Brooklyn turn into relatively harmless juvenile delinquents.

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