Friday, June 23, 2006


I write a post about one of the less racy things ever written by Freud, and an anonymous commentor asks if I am single. Not sure if this was intended as a come-on or an assumption that anyone this nerdy couldn't possibly get a date (for a refutation of that theory, see Chicago, University of), but regardless, I'm very proud of my come-back.

It's hard to be young, urban, female, spectacularly model-like, and a blogger, or even to be just four out of five. (22 by no means counts as young, just ask NRO's John Derbyshire.) Seriously, though. Tell anyone you have a blog, if you happen to fit this demographic, and they'll assume it's a "Sex and the City"-inspired, extended rant about man troubles or a "Devil Wears Prada"-inspired, extended rant about an unpleasant boss. And most of the time, they'll be right.

Given the success of both "SATC" and "Prada," and the horrible failure of "The Affair: Dreyfus on the WB," I can understand why Francophilic Zionism is not the leading theme chosen by today's girl-bloggers. But really, the fun thing about having a blog, for me at least, is that it's an opportunity not to discuss professional or boy-related concerns. Forget the fact that what you say about your boy/boss online can and will be held against you--these are subjects you're probably already thinking about plenty, that you probably can't describe in an original way, and that are already being dissected all over the Internet. Let me guess, your boss doesn't appreciate your talents? Your boyfriend's too clingy, or was it aloof? Which is why we women need to find original things to blog about. Like French Jews, say, or how we might next cut our hair.

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