Friday, June 16, 2006

France in America

I was watching French TV, a show called "Double Je." I am super awesome and understand French TV without subtitles, especially when that French is being spoken by someone of the American persuasion. ("D'autant plus... que..." could be utilized here if I were writing this in French, right? Right? Gar!) So I was delighted to see that they were interviewing American authors of recent France-related books. The three books were on topics--Truffaut, Vichy, and artisinal bread-- that, together, pretty much sum up the American perception of France.
Pretentious movies, cowardly and racist political activity, but such tasty, tasty food.


lauren said...

i looooooove the show double je!!!
i didnt think anyone watched it.
maybe if we ever get famous they can interview us and we can become those random people too!

Anonymous said...