Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Holy Moses

As a Jew who believes that a little black eyeliner never hurt anybody, male or female, I am of course fascinated by Freud's contention that Moses was an Egyptian. Moses and Monotheism, my latest lapse into reading in English rather than French, is also interesting to me as an example of the Western-assimilated-secular-Jewish, pre-WWII analysis of Jewish history, along the lines of Bernard Lazare's Antisemitism. What these writers say about ancient Judaism says at least as much about their own feelings about being Jewish as about the subjects they are ostensibly discussing. I'll have more thoughts on this once I finish Moses and Monotheism, and read Freud's Moses, a book which may well have said it all already.


Anonymous said...

Dear Freud,
Sometimes a Moses is just a Moses.

Anonymous said...

Are you single?

Phoebe said...

Are you Lior Ashkenazi?

gaunerd said...

or steve carell?

i would put a link but my other comment is not up yet.