Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"No unthinkably long noodle for me, I had a tohax for breakfast and I'm watching my carbs"

How could anyone argue with a cuisine that includes "one unthinkably long noodle"? I really should be asleep, but then I found this article (and accompanying multimedia extravaganza) about Central Asian restaurants in Rego Park, Queens. While I have been to Rego Park, I've never had a noodle such as the one photographed by the Times, and I feel I've missed out.

One thing led to another and a Google search for "Uighur" was inevitable. The search led to this page on Uighur food. In her NYT article, Julia Moskin writes, of Bukharian Jewish cuisine, "It is all a long way from bagels and lox." That may be, but the Uighurs, who are apparently Muslim, have (if this randomly-found Western Illinois University webpage is to be believed) a food called "Tohax (Baked bread.)" Sounds exotic, right? Guess again. I'll have mine with lox, no cream cheese, thank you very much.


Phoebe said...

Don't remind me.

Anonymous said...

Re: noodle-making

So meticulous!