Thursday, November 04, 2010

Indulging the curious

Someone got here by Googling...

This could, in essence, be the entire blog, if I choose to switch over to something even less effort-full than this blog's current incarnation. But yeah, someone searched for, no-quotes, "what are european men like." They are like fine wine and Camembert, dark beer and light... hair? I can't begin to guess what Googleable answer this person was hoping for. (OK, I can.) I mean, I'm pleased with the European man in my life, bringing this someone-got-here-by closer to the actual content of the blog than most, but somehow I doubt this Googler was looking for, "European men are good at math, surprisingly amenable to (or good at tuning out) 'Nanny' marathons."

In other news, at some point, when I've met the latest real-world deadline, I'll have a post up on meritocracy and mediocrity, which will be called, "'Nanny'-watchers of the world, unite!" So, start anticipating what I'll say and why it's wrong ahead of time, so you're ready with comments when the time comes.

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