Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sprees real and imaginary

Dream shopping list:

-The Stella McCartney llama shirt. (Yes, Kids', but do they make llama shirts for grown-ups?)

-Knee-patch riding breeches, to wear as pants.

-A "bento box" apartment in Noho.

-A professional haircut. (It's been six months, and it shows.)

Real shopping list:

-Body wash and assorted still-less-exciting purchases, Duane Reade.

-Parmesan to replace what I used up in the Bittman-gnocchi marathon and assorted less-exciting groceries, Whole Foods.

-A second attempt at paying a bureaucratic fee, to see if this one's the charm and I get to go back to Frahnce.

-The llama shirt. If I finish what I need to get done today, this seems a not unreasonable reward. And having looked up the prices of salons in nearby neighborhoods, the shirt's about a third of the price it would cost to get an inch trimmed off the ends.


Matt said...

If you want actual knee-patch riding britches you can find them fairly cheap on ebay. (If you want faux riding pants that some people wear around they might actually be more expensive.) That's where my wife got most of hers, many quite nice and some even new.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Yes, I mean real riding breeches, not that I'm ever anywhere near a horse, other than the ones cops ride near my apartment. (One was once "parked" in front of the Financial Center!) I'd looked briefly at ebay, and been overcome by my usual fear of online clothes-shopping. I barely know what size I am in regular clothes, let alone riding breeches. But your comment inspired me to look again, and I'm now "watching" a couple pairs. We shall see...