Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Why "timeless" is nonsense: Exhibit A

A man whose main professional interest is the promotion of timeless luxury goods that will last forever and ever gives an interview about a few of his favorite things. An excerpt:

If you were a handbag, what would it look like?
My bag would be sleek, modern and timeless. It would move seamlessly and effortlessly from business boardroom to designer studio to fashion event. Over time, its patina would reflect my way of life, getting better and better with age. But more important than external aesthetics would be my bag’s functionality on the inside. It would be like an “office-on-the-go,” enabling me to carry all of the things I need from morning to evening, safely and stylishly. It would have secure, protected pockets for my iPad and iPhone, room for gym clothes, my notebook, and whatever other things I might gather over the course of a busy day.
Note, need this be spelled out, that the "timeless" handbag has special pockets for 2010's "it" gadgets. But read the whole thing - you'll be off to your local Old Navy to clear your head in no time.


Dave H said...

I stopped right after this:

"What do you consider the most overrated luxury?


But I only apparently got to skip out on the last brief question, which is a sh ame.

Sigivald said...

A "timeless" handbag would plainly have modular pockets on the inside, ensuring it's really timeless.

(I'm not even being snarky; I think modular interior spaces, if well made, are a brilliant idea.)

(Then again, a handbag big enough for an iPad?

That's into messenger bag/purse/backpack territory.)

David Schraub said...

Isn't "modern" a "time"?

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...


Remember that this "handbag" also fits gym clothes.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

No! Modern is eternal is retro is 1990s is mod is vintage. Don't you see?

Matt said...

My thought was like Phoebe's above- either this woman has very small gym clothes (does she wear shoes at the gym?) or else this "handbag" is getting fairly large. Then again, a magical handbag, able to store things in other dimensions, might well be a timeless accessory, if you could find one.