Sunday, November 21, 2010

Following up

-Remember the discussion a while back about whether fashion is or is not about women dressing to please men, or whether these are two different spheres entirely? The very existence of the "Mr. Newton" street-style blog (see especially posts including the word "cutie") suggests men with an interest in women's... spheres are, if not the intended audience for trendy outfits, fully capable of appreciating the so-very-now. Dressing hot and dressing this-season are not, apparently, mutually exclusive pursuits.

-And the one about how long it takes to cook? How cooking professionals underestimate the amount of time it takes to prepare a meal when a) that isn't your day job and b) you don't have all the ingredients already chopped and laid out for you in a series of polished glass bowls? Slate agrees.


Britta said...

I find that chopping takes a significant amount of (in my mind) non calculated time in how long it takes to cook. The worst offenders are broccoli and squash, (which if someone has a secret super efficient cubing/peeling trick, please let me know), which is a pity because I like both of them so much. My secret is to buy frozen precut vegetables and not eat squash very often, but it is hard when a pound of frozen broccoli is $4.99 and a lb of fresh broccoli is between 49-99 cents at HPP, so I can never actually bring myself to buy the frozen over the fresh there. I do stock up on frozen broccoli at TJs whenever I am there, but often supplies run out before my next trip, and then it's back to fresh broccoli.

I also have been letting my boyfriend buy prewashed/cut up lettuce, which was always a mortal sin at my house growing up, but frankly lettuce/greens are so much more appealing when you can just dump them into a bowl instead of washing, drying, and then tearing them up into little pieces yourself. I figure the added cost is worth the consumption of more lettuce and the decrease in the likelihood the lettuce will wilt before all of it gets eaten.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

I thought the prewashed lettuce still had to be washed, because of various food-safety scares?

My own mortal enemy is farmers'-market arugula. Sounds fancy, but is cheap and delicious. But requires a good hour's worth of sorting through which leaves look edible, removing sand and dirt, sometimes arugula-colored centipede-type bugs. The restaurant $8 arugula salad, made with what I know full well to be 30 cents worth of the stuff, starts to seem reasonable.