Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Light and fluffy UPDATED

In preparation of a summer of eating the stuff continuously, I'm going to attempt to bake a flan tart myself here in NY. I'm going with a recipe on a site aimed at French women (the Real Housewives of Paris? the French Women who do Get Fat?), even though this will mean conversions, conversions, conversions. Stupid Celsius, grams, cuillères à café...

In other news, Jezebel has acknowledged this blog's existence, linking to a thankfully not-so-embarrassing post here from 2005. Still, how flattering! (I first learned about the link from my Sitemeter - I'd had Jo block both Jezebel and Gawker from my computer when I was preparing for exams, and hadn't wanted the procedure reversed what with the dissertation and all... although I did have him send me the text to this post.) I do find it slightly suspect that Jezebel happens to pull the exact same passage from a NYT piece as I did in a 2006 post they don't link to (one that someone had looked up, said the Sitemeter god, around the time the Jezebel links started coming in, ahem), and to use the quoted text to make just the same point, but whatever, people need to get their inspiration somewhere, and on these matters (Jews, gender, pop culture manifestations thereof) WWPD is basically the AP. The J-AP. Oh well.


From a computer with full Jezebel capacities, I've learned that one of the comments to that post is a dig at Jewish women who are 1) from New York and 2) the daughters of gastroenterologists. How... specific! (Ducks head.) This is, I'm now learning, the very definition of a pampered and obnoxious existence. I'd apologize more fully, but am running late for my manicure-pedicure-facial-nose-job-couture-fitting appointment.


Nick said...

am I to understand you are actually completely blocked from viewing these websites on your computer!?!?

that is ... wow.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...


It's what I wanted. Think of it like a secular (and silly) version of the headscarf debate - it's not because a man made me do it, it's for me.