Monday, May 03, 2010

Chambray at last UPDATED

After looking in all the wrong places, I finally tracked down the shirt... at the place where I'd first seen it. (Ducks head.) The blue one, if that needed stating. I do not intend to pair it, as advised, with high-waisted bright red stretch-jeans or a see-through skin-tight lace camisole.

This purchase has officially exhausted my wanty list. (Silver clogs, check. Mint-colored nail polish that alas turned my nails yellow but only temporarily, check. Breton-striped dress, check. Glitter eyeliner like the much-missed discontinued Hard Candy one but from another brand, check. Professional haircut, check.) This sense of satisfaction mixed with guilt will, I've decided, leave me immune to the far more dangerous temptations the City of Shoes has to offer.

UPDATE Hehe. (via)

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