Saturday, May 22, 2010

The tag speaks for itself

Today, I dragged Jo to that coffee shop, because the brownies really are worth it. Then I see the sign for brownies, but no brownies! I see a man who's just ordered one - the last, no doubt - and tell Jo that we should probably just leave. But just in case, I ask the intimidatingly hip barista if they happen to have more, and lo and behold yes they do, and out comes the next batch of 'em. Oh lucky day! So we split the thing, and I'm really digging in. I notice that there's brownie all over my face, and as we're having a good laugh about this, Keanu Reeves walks in, dashing, perfect hair, and with entourage. That man (an actor I hadn't thought about since cutting his picture out of a magazine at age 10 or 11) has aged well.

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