Friday, May 28, 2010

Things that are distracting on the Internet

-People I knew in high school who now blog, in their own names, about their attempts at finding boyfriends. Yes, "people," as in, more than one. You know how Facebook lets you waste time learning that Acquaintance A is In An Open Relationship and viewing all 500 of her photos to figure out which guy is Open Boyfriend Z? Thanks to this one blog, I now know the minutiae of Acquaintance B's attempts at getting a dude, how her relationships tend to go south, where her mother and therapist stand... If someone had straight-up asked me, "Do you care what Acquaintance B is up to these days, and wonder as to the state of her love life?," I'd have had to say not really. But it's just there.

-Cheapness Studies. Hey, I'm trying.

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