Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WWPD: Pop culture contrarian

As we've already established, I don't care if famous people are Jewish, or if they have one Jewish ancestor from way back when. Unless that ancestor comes from this one 19th century French-Jewish family that I'm studying at the moment, in which case I totally care, and want the details. (Other than Julia Louis Dreyfus, I can't think which celebs could possibly fit the bill.)

I also don't care if famous people are looking a bit too skinny these days. Demands that a celebrity "eat a sandwich" do not move me, not one bit. I especially don't care if Ann Coulter does or does not down a Snickers. Do we know these people personally, such that their physical well-being concerns us? Isn't the point that they're skinny? Because unlike everyone else, these people are paid to watch their figures. If I refuse cheese at a department reception, I'm an idiot, whereas if Nicole Richie does this, she's keeping her job, whatever it is that she does. If those whose job it is to stand around and be photographed didn't have to make sacrifices, now that would be a problem.

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