Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekend accomplishments:

-Spotted Michael Richards, aka Kramer, at the 77th Street Flea Market. Looks just like on TV, but a bit grayer these days.

-Purchased bright-red nail polish at Duane Reade.

-Was asked, out of all the women in a coffee shop, where one can get a good manicure in Park Slope. Oxymoronic question? Perhaps, but also a major accomplishment on my end, as I'd painted my own nails (see above).

-Found what I was looking for in some 1840s French-Jewish newspapers. There is primary-source hope for not one but two final papers this semester.

-Finished Ni Droite Ni Gauche, necessary to get cracking on final paper #3. If anyone's interested but doesn't read French, it's been translated into English, and I'd recommend it over the new hot book on the topic for anyone interested in reading about fascism's roots on the left, or, for that matter, about why the stuffier conservatism is, the less likely it is to constitute fascism.

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