Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break, day II

-Made some headway with the research. Finally. The Super Special Tiny Book that contains surprisingly just about everything I need is only available from 12-4, so I'll be visiting with it again tomorrow. Of course, this sets back, once again, the inevitable trip to the Old Delicate Newspapers, but at least, thanks to the SSTB, I now know which issue I'm looking for.

-Rode the subway with the Stuyvesant Ultimate Frisbee team. Felt old.

-Finally got bored of the Spitzer scandal. Was relieved to learn I was not the only French grad student to spend maybe a bit too much time reading about New York State politics this past week.

-Had my picture taken by a guy shooting for Time Out NY, for a spread on cafés near Columbia. He'd better label the shot as containing two NYU students.

-Read more of the 700-is page fascist epic Gilles. I'm sure this is not a reading Drieu would have approved of, but every time I get to another description of how this otherwise attractive woman Myriam, on account of being Jewish, repulses Gilles physically, but how he nevertheless thinks he must marry her, all I can think is, Portnoy, and how this is so a Jewish-male take on things. Not that all Jewish men are incapable of being attracted to Jewish women, but of the men who have strong feelings about this, I'd imagine most are Jews, who associate Jewish women with being stuck in a socially-acceptable marriage. But then I remember that Nazis and their friends were the only non-Jews more interested in 'the Jews' than are Jews, so it all kind of makes sense. Kind of. But there's still something Jewish about this Gilles. And I do say this in part to annoy the book's late author.

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