Saturday, March 29, 2008

"There is no condom for the heart.”

Hook-up culture=check*!

Great Books=check!

Ivy-League virgins=check! If 20-year-olds have not yet had sex, boring. But if it's happening at Harvard, it's extremely important.

Best part of Randall Patterson's article: the first sentence: "There was a time when not having sex consumed a very small part of Janie Fredell’s life, but that, of course, was back in Colorado Springs." Because... in high school, the other 23 and a half hours a day were spent having sex? No wonder she wanted to spend her college years doing something else!

But really. Too much is made of the 'choice' to be virgins made by people who aren't even that old, and probably haven't met someone they wanted to have sex with yet. We all had that freshman-year dorm-mate who 'didn't drink,' who went on to spend the whole of spring term hungover. Or the avowedly chaste who meet someone they like senior year and, what the hell. You cannot call high school students or, to an extent, college students 'chaste' any more than you can get excited about finding 16-year-old tea-totalers. Let's find these people again when they're 28 and unmarried, and then ask them whether "true love can wait."

*Patterson's article is not conservative, but its subject is Ivy League virginity, and he mostly refrains from a mocking tone, so much of the checklist is accomplished all the same.


Anonymous said...

Wow ... thanks for the idea. I've been at my wit's end trying to find a good dissertation topic. And now, viola (or whatever the French say), I've got it: designing a condom for the heart.

Thanks for the inspiration!

kondomgroessen said...

Yes, words can hurt, but if we don't add meaning to them then they are nothing :)
so we don't need condom after-all :)