Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ladies, ladies!

The right, at its most sophisticated.

There's one obvious, glaring flaw at the beginning of Charlotte Allen's article about female stupidity: women swoon when seeing Obama, agreed. The implication is that men do not swoon before Hillary, and are therefore superior beings. Take a moment to analyze this: one of these two politicians is drop-dead gorgeous (for a politician, at least) while the other is... within normal limits for her age. If Miss Natalie P. or one of those Estonian 16-year-old models were Obama's opponent, I'd imagine the results would look a bit different.

But Allen's article only confirms that women are hopeless at logic and abstract thought. What's fascinating about the piece is, how does one construct an article about... how one is too dumb to write an article? What a paradox! Self-deprecation is surely part of it, but the occasional hypothesis-confirming error never hurts.

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