Thursday, February 21, 2008


This is some amazing evidence of having a type, assuming the alleged McCain-lobbyist affair took place. Sarkozy's switcheroo is also fine evidence of type-having by men with oodles of power; predictably, both women in the French example are stunning, not just strikingly similar to each other. Clinton's choice reveals either a lack of type, or a lack of interest in the state-recognized partner. Age was about the least of the difference in that case. So, under the heading of Major Questions of Our Age, when an older male head-of-state or would-be head-of-state decides to chase after (or allow himself to be caught by) a younger woman, is it a sign of integrity if the YW in question is a younger version of his wife? Or is it just a sign of not knowing how to exploit one's situation of power to the fullest?

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