Monday, February 25, 2008

The real problem...

...with sex workshops is so clearly the same as the problem with Victoria's Secret: when sex is obvious, it stops being sexy. The connection between the workshops and the underwear chain occurred to me, I think, at the gym. I know people supposedly meet partners/spouses/other people's spouses at the gym all the time, but... why? Everyone's in form-fitting clothing, in compromising positions, and making odd grunting sounds, and it's grotesque. OK, not grotesque, but not appealing either. I don't doubt that many of the gym-goers are quite attractive in street clothes, but no one looks good in an outfit that goes with puffy white sneakers.*

Point being, social conservatives should really be encouraging how-to-orgasm workshops, condom-on-banana seminars, and so forth. Such activities are not only time away from the unsupervised dorm room, but are also (I'd imagine) sufficiently technical to make even the most hormonal college freshman lose interest entirely.

*I also don't understand what's supposed to be so great about George Clooney, so maybe this is just me.

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Unknown said...

No, I don't understand all the fuss about George Clooney either. Neither does Rita. We can't all be weird.