Thursday, February 14, 2008

DS 135 F

"Not much has been written on that."

Those are the best words a graduate student could possibly hear. Not nothing, but not much, the happy medium. If I ever emerge from the pile of library books/xeroxed journal articles has taken over my living room, and make it to the primary sources, things just might work out. (This moment of optimism re: research means I can probably anticipate a month of pessimism. Such is the cycle.) Other excitement: Citarella Dark Blend. Sososogood.


Anonymous said...

Phoebe, I love that I found your blog back in December, for it gives me so much to look forward to in times of procrastination. You do, however, leave me feeling like I am not nearly obsessed enough with my school work, and for that I might have to take you off my bookmarks. :(

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Noo, keep me bookmarked! I'm pretty sure upcoming posts will be about things like how happy I am with my new nail polish. (And I am!) As I said, it goes in cycles.